Craig David isn’t looking for love, love will find Craig David

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Although Craig David is a single pringle, don’t bank on finding him on Tinder.

The 34-year-old is way more spiritual than that, and thinks he’ll meet the right person naturally, and he’ll probably know it straight away. And feel free to knock him back if you don’t fancy him, he can take it.

‘To be honest I’m all about serendipity,’ he told ‘You’re going to meet your partner when you least expect it, it will blindside you on a Wednesday afternoon, and you will just know.’

In fact, he said his track I Know You is all about just that.

‘The song I Know You with Bastille encapsulates it,’ he said. ‘It’s when you just know. It’s not just an infatuation or an attraction, you just look at someone and you feel like you’re speaking to me in an almost Namaste way.’

Craig David isn't looking for love, love will find Craig David
Craig David isn’t afraid of knockbacks (Picture: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)

He’s on the look out for love, but that being said he won’t be one for cheesy chat up lines or come ons. Craig is all about good old fashioned conversation – and owning that rejection when it happens.

Wait, who the heck is rejecting Craig David?!

‘I’m not really the guy for the chat up lines in the bar, if you see someone just go over and say hi, and then accept the knockback,’ he told us. ‘That’s the beauty of it, people are scared most of the time because they’re afraid of the knockback or getting blown out. Just own the blow out. Or it might just work, and your rapport is happening and anything is possible.’

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And hey, that anything could be him making babies to his own music, as his new album contains some super sexy tracks – as does his past repertoire that no doubt has featured as the soundtrack to some sexy times.

‘That is humbling,’ he said when asked how he felt about people making babies to his music. ‘When you think there are kids whose parents would have possibly had them to one of the tunes along the way, I think wow this is amazing. But then to see that there is a whole new generation that are discovering, that will look back and tell their kids about it, and I’m just a part of things.’

The Time Is Now is out now.

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