12 soap spoiler pictures: Emmerdale acid attack, Coronation Street Phelan victim, EastEnders affair exposed and Hollyoaks Harry passion

Emmerdale acid attack, Corrie Phelan victim and 18 more soap spoilers revealed
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Several soap characters are facing their darkest times in upcoming soap storylines as Ross Barton is left in agony following a horrifying acid attack in Emmerdale while over in Coronation Street, Rana Nazir faces her toughest ever dilemma after a shocking proposition from her parents.

In EastEnders, Billy Mitchell is on course to lose everything as after he is sacked from his job, Honey then discovers his affair with Tina Carter while in Hollyoaks, Goldie McQueen and Jesse Donovan prepare to risk everything by going on the run together.

Aside from all of this, there are more dramatic developments as the Dales’ Rebecca White wakes up and leaves Lachlan terrified, Harry Thompson and James Nightingale plan for the future in Hollyoaks, Mel Owen is reunited with her son Hunter in Walford and in Weatherfield, Pat Phelan closes in on Steph Britton and Seb Franklin.

Here is what you can look forward to:

Coronation Street

Rana's parents have an offer for Zeedan in Coronation Street
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After Zeedan informs Rana’s parents of her affair, they fire back with a shocking proposition as they are determined for the truth to be buried. As Zeedan contemplates the offer, Rana is left in a dilemma when Imran tells her that she risks being outcast. Meanwhile, Yasmeen has a strong warning for Zeedan about the arrangement.

Phelan wants answers from Faye and Nicola in Coronation Street
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After Phelan steps in to confront Steph as she plans to meet up with Gary, he is also suspicious of what Nicola is hiding at her flat. As Nicola hides Seb in a bedroom, Faye stalls Phelan when he comes round but can Nicola put him off the scent?

Chesney tells Gemma the truth in Coronation Street
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When Chesney overhears the truth about the bet made by Henry and Hugo, Gemma is left crushed but Henry tries to explain that he has fallen for her for real. As he begs forgiveness, Gemma is chuffed when Chesney fights her corner and punches Henry.


Mel and Hunter talk at a grave in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Mel is relieved when she is finally reunited with her son Hunter but when he starts to discover the truth about the type of man Steve was, they fall out spectacularly and Mel is helpless as he goes missing. She later finds him at his nan’s grave but can she calm the situation down and will this change her plans for the future?

Billy tries to get Honey to forgive him in EastEnders
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After Billy gets the bad news from Pam that he is going to lose his job, worse is to come when Honey catches him being comforted by Tina and all the pieces finally fit together. As Billy assures his wife that it was a one off tryst, can she ever forgive him?

Can Martin and Stacey make amends in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Tensions continue to rise between Stacey and Martin and soon the kids find themselves as weapons in the ongoing war. When Michelle spots Stacey taking the kids away, Martin tries to stop her from leaving and a massive row explodes.


Debbie enlists Simon's help in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Determined for revenge on Joseph, Debbie tries to get Simon to plant drugs at his party but when Graham gets wind of this, the plan is foiled. Angry Debbie orders Simon to mess Joseph up but when he mistakes Ross for Joe, Ross is left in agony after a horrifying acid attack.

Rebecca knows the truth about Lachlan in Emmerdale
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Lachlan is worried when Rebecca wakes up and as she tries to deal with the losses to her family, she starts shouting about the truth, telling Lachlan that she knows what he did. Can Lachlan stop the shocking truth from coming to light and will the full memory return to Rebecca when she goes to Home Farm?

Daz is blackmailed by Gabby in Emmerdale
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Gabby is disgusted when she walks in on Bernice and Daz getting intimate and when she makes it clear that she will never approve, Daz tries to win her over. Gabby tells him that if he buys her wine, then she will pretend that she likes him but will he comply?


Goldie and Jesse plan to flee in Hollyoaks
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Goldie is back in the village and Jesse is delighted to see her as she is taking his mind off of his upcoming court case. As Goldie contemplates going back on the run, Jesse decides that they should go together but will they go through with it?

Harry and James kiss in Hollyoaks
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After a pep talk from James, Harry decides that he is going to plead not guilty and the pair share a kiss when Harry suggests that they plan for a future together. Sami interferes though and tells Ste about Harry’s plan to change his plea.

Cleo and Brody get closer in Hollyoaks
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As Cleo and Brody host the pub quiz, there is chemistry between them and Cleo is over the moon when he suggests that they go for a drink together. Meanwhile, Imran is seething to see Dirk and Misbah getting on well during the quiz, convinced that they fancy one another.


Carla is in hospital in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)
  • Aidan pledges to donate his kidney to Carla in Coronation Street but as the operation dawns, his nerves threaten to overcome him.
  • Peri fakes the loss of her baby in Hollyoaks after Leela pulls her over and Leela is consumed with guilt.
  • Harriet suspects that something may be going on between Bob and Laurel in Emmerdale.
  • Sally fears that her marriage is over in Coronation Street when Tim offers Steve first refusal on his half of Streetcars.
  • Adrian and Mariam question their future as foster parents when they are forced to say goodbye to Daisy in EastEnders.
  • Myra and Sally decide to be together in Hollyoaks and Myra makes a public declaration of her love.
  • Dr Cavanagh warns Jimmy that he has high blood pressure and is at huge risk of a serious illness in Emmerdale.
  • Karen is delighted by her extra income from ironing in EastEnders but she soon messes it up.

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