Coronation Street spoilers: Pat Phelan kills again as Steph Britton takes him on over Andy and Luke?

Phelan kills again as Steph takes him on over Luke and Andy in Corrie?
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Steph Britton faces a terrible day in Coronation Street as she is forced to say goodbye to her murdered brother Luke – but things are made even worse when his killer Pat Phelan shows up to the funeral and it soon leads to a big showdown.

As an emotional day is felt by Steph and other loved ones including his girlfriend Alya Nazir and his mates Zeedan, Kevin, Tyrone, Kate and Rana, Phelan has the cheek to show his face and Steph is sickened to see him again.

Phelan is at Luke's funeral in Coronation Street
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Before she and Andy Carver split up, Steph discovered the true and frightening nature of Phelan and heard from her boyfriend that he had been blackmailed by Phelan into torching the garage. Phelan later attacked Andy and held him hostage before killing him but Steph is under the impression that he simply walked out on her. For now, anyway.

After being furious at seeing him there, she calls him an evil liar and accuses him of forcing Andy to commit arson on the garage.

But as Steph stands up to an unsettled Phelan, will she get closer to some even darker truths and pick up on the recent allegations that Phelan killed Luke?

Steph is devastated as Luke is laid to rest in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

And, if the pieces start to fall into place, might a very dangerous Phelan set out to silence her for good?

One to watch: Wednesday 31st January at 8:30pm on ITV.

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