Hollyoaks spoilers: Ellie Nightingale in danger as Grace Black attacks her over Glenn Donovan

Ellie in danger as Grace attacks her in Hollyoaks
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Ellie Nightingale is set to face the angry wrath of the very dangerous Grace Black in Hollyoaks when Cindy Cunningham engineers it so that it seems she is the one who slept with Glenn Donovan. As Grace lashes out in anger and accuses a bewildered Ellie, how far will she go for the truth?

Grace and Glenn continue to play games with one another and set out to make one another jealous – with grace wasting no time in flirting up a storm in front of him. However, Glenn decides to go one further and actually spends the night with Cindy.

Cindy tries to cover her tracks in Hollyoaks
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Cindy is chuffed with this as, after lying about being in a relationship with Milo Entwistle, she is determined to prove to her ex Dirk Savage that she is over him. She can’t wait to reveal her new relationship to Dirk but just as she is about to boast, she makes the discovery that Glenn is actually with Grace.

Grace makes a discovery thanks to Cindy in Hollyoaks
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Fearing repercussions from an already suspicious Grace, Cindy offers to help her find out who Glenn’s other woman is and places the blame at Ellie’s door. Like a rottweiler, Grace storms in and threatens to throw Ellie down the steps.

As Ellie denies being with Glenn, will Cindy be forced to confess the truth to Grace to stop Ellie being hurt?

Ellie fears for her life in Hollyoaks
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Speaking about filming the big showdown, Sophie Porley said: ‘It’s very unfortunate for Ellie that she and Cindy happen to have the same blue coat. Grace knows that someone with this particular coat has slept with Glenn and poor Ellie gets the blame.

‘Ellie is completely the innocent party in this mix up. She has no idea that Grace is after her until it’s too late and Grace is pushing her off the top flight of steps – she’s terrified!’

Dirk and Milo fear for Ellie in Hollyoaks
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However, off camera, there were more laughs than screams to be had. Sophie enthused: ‘Tam’s great fun to film with. I’m quite boisterous and don’t mind if I get a bit hurt during these type of scenes, but Tam was very careful not to actually push me off the top step!’

Of course, it’s been a busy few months for Ellie as she continues to hide the fact that she was the one to push evil Mac out of the window. Could the truth come to light over this particular secret, we wonder?

Glenn sees Grace attack Cindy in Hollyoaks
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Sophie teased: ‘Ellie is in complete denial. She is just trying to carry on with life like it never happened. But the more people find out the more chance she has of being caught!’

While we know that Ellie hasn’t gone near Glenn, fans have seen her enjoy a brief romance with Sami Maalik, who is secretly plotting to bring down her brother James. But this is a coupling that Sophie would definitely like to revisit.

She said: ‘I’d definitely like them to rekindle. Ellie is so confused by his feelings; it’s very hot and cold. But Ellie has always fallen for a bad boy so I think this might not be the end for the two of them.’

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