EastEnders spoilers: Has Jay Mitchell got the missing money?

Have EastEnders fans worked out who has the missing money?
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The mystery surrounding the missing money in EastEnders is a bit of a head scratcher and it is bringing nothing but turmoil, danger and angst to those both suspicious and accused of having the loot. But viewers reckon that they finally know who the culprit is.

The last person to have the cash was Ben Mitchell, who has now departed for pastures new in Calais after discovering that the money had been replaced in his case with newspapers. He still had a fair few grand from selling jewellery and so made the decision not to go back home but as Aidan Maguire and the men involved in the job come out of hiding after their grave raid attracted the police, they want answers on where their pay-off is.

Meanwhile, Mel Owen continues to investigate on behalf of Ciara so that she can see her son and she is about to join forces with Phil.

Now, joining the dots together, fans think that the culprit must actually be Ben’s BFF Jay. he knew that Ben had the money and would have likely known where Ben stashed it in The Arches. Perhaps he staged that break in and did the swapover then?

He also had reason to hit back at Phil after the whole debacle of Phil lying about what happened with his late dad. Working at the funeral parlour, he could also have easily eavesdropped on many of the meetings relating to the heist and the cash.

The police ask Ben and Jay about Phil in EastEnders
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While Jay would be betraying Ben by swapping the cash – could he actually have had it all this time as Aidan gets angrier and angrier?

Fans certainly reckon so:

I was thinking Jay had the money. However, with all of those newspapers, now I’m wondering if Bernadette had something to do with it as well. She did deliver newspapers for Honey. ? #EastEnders

— BovaryCee ♋??? (@BovarysComplnt) January 16, 2018

I Think Mel & Jay are in this together my gut tells that Jay broke in to the Archers & stole the money for Mel! #EastEnders

— Sean J Snowden (@TigerboyseanJ) January 13, 2018

Hmmm, the plot thickens. But fans won’t have long to wait as Danny Walters, who plays Keanu Taylor, recently told that the culprit would be revealed very soon.

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