LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actress made an award show organiser go mad with her crazy demand?

Written by Miss Loose Lips | Mumbai | Updated: January 18, 2018 10:49 pm Today’s scoop is about a veteran diva who made organisers of an awards function dance to her tunes.

Hello, Lovelies! As the award season has hit town, we have many backstage gossips just for you! Today’s scoop is about a veteran diva who made organisers of an awards function dance to her tunes.

A yesteryear actress was invited to this recently held awards function. A bit about this actress is that she loves to twist people around her little finger and those close to her say that this is common scenario at any award function or event that she attends. So coming back to this one, our diva wants someone to always escort her the moment she arrives at the venue and steps out of her vehicle. This can’t be any random volunteer but the show’s organizer himself or herself. However, to her dismay, this function’s planners forgot to give heads up to the organizers on this and our diva stepped out of the car but guess what there was no one to receive her. Surprised and angry, she sat back in her car thinking that there must be someone who will be coming for her and is running a bit late. But if one of the volunteers of the show is to be believed, then the organizer had no idea of this drill. After a few minutes, a member from her staff went inside and informed the concerned security personnel to let the organizer know that our diva has arrived at the gate and he should be here to welcome her to their function.

The message was forwarded and the poor organiser rushed to the gate to welcome and escort our drama queen diva to the function. Onlookers saw her expressing her displeasure to the organizer about the waiting and his absence to greet her at the gate. Whoa! Now that’s some drama lady. Sorry to be mean but she should be feeling really lucky as she passed her prime and but still is being invited for these functions because we know many young stars who aren’t invited at many award functions who actually are still working somewhere and can be seen some movies even now!

We hope this diva realizes that her tantrums will not be accepted for long and we wish she corrects her act soon. Have you guessed who this veteran actress is? If yes then let us know your views in the comment section below. Until next time Ciao darlings!

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