Emmerdale spoilers: Will Graham Foster destroy Joseph Tate and what is his secret?

Graham Foster to destroy Joseph Tate in Emmerdale twist?
(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale have struck gold with the mysterious, charismatic and unique double act that is Joseph Tate and his right hand man Graham Foster and while Joseph’s thirst for revenge against the Dingles is insatiable – with him even sending a digger to destroy their home – Graham has recently had his stomach turned by his friend’s actions.

The relationship between the pair is an unusual one and there are definitely secrets still to be unearthed – how do they come to know each other, who helped who and why is Graham so keen to help Joseph, despite the way he is treated and taken for granted?

When Joseph made his plans clear for Charity and Debbie, Graham, who had previously warned him off the plot, had had his fill and told Joseph that he would be very lonely in Home Farm if he carried on the way he did.

There is clearly a paternal bond there for Graham and he would be prepared to fight Joseph’s corner but it seems that he is also a very moral man so now that Joseph has pushed him away, will Graham be forced to use tough love and put him in his place?

Joseph Tate moves into Home Farm tonight
(Picture: ITV)

Viewers are hungry to know what the score is with Graham – played expertly well by the brilliant Andrew Scarborough, he is an absolute enigma with clearly plenty of stories to tell. And Joseph may well have underestimated him, fans reckon.

Some are predicting that Graham could even bring about Joseph’s downfall:

Graham scams joe, takes everything, goes ahead with golf course and gives the Dingles Home Farm #Emmerdale ? just an idea!

— James Ball (@djjamesball) January 17, 2018

Up until this past week I really thought Graham was the puppet master pulling the strings but now I think he's actually getting disgusted by Tom/Joe's behavior, he'll stand by him for now but I think there's a time limit to his loyalty if Tom/Joe doesn't change his ways

— Heather York (@hcyPadme35) January 8, 2018

Why do I get the feeling Graham is going to start working with Debbie & Charity… #Emmerdale

— Chelseaa Jadee (@ChelseaaJadee98) January 17, 2018

Either way, fans are absolutely loving the character – and so are we! With more twists set to unfold, just where will Graham end up? And what will his reaction be when he finds out that Joseph has been plotting to demolish the cottage?

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