Escape from Emmerdale! 8 characters went on the run and never came back from Adam Barton to Kim Tate

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8 Emmerdale characters who are still at large after going on the run
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Did you blub tons when Emmerdale’s Adam Barton did a runner to avoid going to prison for a crime he didn’t commit? At least the character hasn’t been killed off, despite an upcoming scare for Moira, which means he could knock on the door of Butler’s Farm one day and spring a surprise.

We’re not too sure where Adam is going to end up, but we reckon he might run into some other ex villagers while he’s on the loose, since he’s certainly not the first character to flee as a fugitive! Remember this lot?

Will Kim Tate ever be caught for her crimes? (January 1999)


Kim Tate was the original queen bee of Home Farm. But her wicked ways eventually caught up with her and she escaped in a helicopter to a destination unknown. But not before she watched her hated hubby Frank Tate die from a heart attack, hid money from a robbery in Frank’s grave and clobbered her stepson Chris Tate over the head! Kim has never returned to the village. But with the late Chris’s son, Joseph Tate, currently wreaking revenge on various villagers including Charity Dingle and her daughter, Debbie, could this be the perfect time for Kim to come out of hiding?

Jo Stiles escapes from an abusive marriage (December 2008)


Once upon a time, Andy Sugden had a terrible temper and his wife, Jo became terrified of the violent farmer when he began to beat her. During a shock showdown between the pair, Andy was almost fatally impaled in a farm barn. But even then he wouldn’t leave her alone. Afraid she might never be free of angry Andy, Jo packed her bags and drove off with Andy’s young daughter, Sarah! Sarah has since come home but we haven’t seen Jo in the village since.

Goodbye Eli Dingle (April 2010)


In a truly emotional Emmerdale exit, Marlon Dingle’s troubled brother, Eli, decided to leave the village after robbing the local B&B and causing owner Eric Pollard to fall down the stairs. Marlon pleaded with Eli to stay but the dodgy dealer reckoned his family would be better off without him.

Remember teenage mum Amy Wyatt? (November 2013)


Life went terribly wrong for teenager Amy Wyatt when she got pregnant by village bad boy Cain Dingle. When it looked like she might lose custody of her son, Kyle, desperate Amy decided to go on the run with the child! Her mum Kerry Wyatt was heartbroken since the estranged pair had only just been reunited. Amy was last seen waving bye bye from a ferry and is believed to be living somewhere in Ireland. Kyle ended up with his grandmother Joanie before then finding a home with the Dingles after Joanie died.

Baddie businessman Declan Macey is still on the loose (October 2014)


There’s something about Home Farm that seems to turn its owners a bit crazy! After getting hitched to village schemer Charity Tate, Declan Macey went into a murderous meltdown and tried to kill Charity during a weekend away in the countryside. The fallen businessman was believed to be dead after Charity bashed him over the head and watched him ‘drown’. But devious Declan later returned to expose Charity’s schemes and lies before fleeing in a car.

Kirin Kotecha in hit and run horror (February 2016)


Kirin Kotecha, the son of village legal eagle Rakesh, was in a whole lot of trouble when he accidentally ran down and killed local school teacher Tess Harris. In a panic he set fire to the car and abandoned it in the woods. After confessing his crime to both Rakesh and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield, Kirin left goodbye notes and fled. He is possibly somewhere in South America.

Andy Sugden is framed for attempted murder (August 2016)


It looked like it was all over for Andy Sugden when his scheming girlfriend Chrissie White framed him for the attempted murder of her adoptive dad Lawrence. Cunning Chrissie also cut herself with a knife and threatened to tell the police Andy attacked her! With the police closing in, Andy’s brother, Robert, helped him get a fake passport and Andy went on the run. But with wicked Chrissie and her double-crossing dad Lawrence both now dead after a shock car crash, could Andy safely come home?

Jasmine Thomas goes to prison (March 2009)


OK, so Jasmine Thomas didn’t actually go on the run but she was going to give it a good go! But she is one of those characters everyone seems to have forgotten about! The schoolgirl was introduced as village vicar Ashley Thomas’s niece and became best friends with Debbie Dingle. But Jasmine ended up being sent to prison for the murder of crooked copper Shane Doyle who she killed in self defence. Strangely, Jasmine was nowhere to be seen at Ashley’s funeral last year and doesn’t appear to have kept in touch with her cousins Gabby, Arthur or Dotty Thomas either. Of course, that would have nothing to do with Jenna Coleman finding huge success in Doctor Who and Victoria!

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