Emmerdale spoilers: Thomas Atkinson reveals what’s next for killer Lachlan White after Chrissie’s death

Emmerdale star reveals what's next for killer Lachlan after Chrissie's death
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There’s still more of a journey ahead for troubled killer Lachlan White in Emmerdale in the wake of Chrissie and Lawrence’s deaths at his hands. Fans watched in horror as Lachlan grabbed the wheel of the car and smashed it into an oncoming lorry, instantly killing Lawrence and seriously injuring Rebecca, who remains in a coma.

He then was by Chrissie’s side as she passed away and Robert Sugden currently suspects that the damaged lad had a hand in the demise of half of his family. Meanwhile, a voicemail on Gerry’s phone recorded by Lachlan is just waiting to be uncovered.

Speaking about where Lachlan’s head is at following the deaths of his relatives, actor Thomas Atkinson admitted that while there is some remorse, his alter ego’s overwhelming view could be that it is a good thing for him as he reunites with a sympathetic Belle Dingle.

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Lachlan plans to kill Chrissie in Emmerdale
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He told us: ‘Lachlan is not in a good way – has he ever been? After the crash, he gets a lot closer with Belle and the Dingles. In a way, it’s almost as if – after all this has happened – his life is better in a way.

‘Lachlan is finally happy and people actually care about him and don’t just see him as this freak who’s done some terrible things in his past. So as much as Lachlan hates what he’s done and feels guilty, for him it feels like it’s almost a good thing and a fresh start.’


He even things that this could be the end of Lachlan’s crazed ways now that he has found himself with what he wants – for a time anyway. He hinted that beyond that, Lachlan’s sinister side may never be too far away, especially if things were to fall apart. And with a killer secret like this, it can only be inevitable that the truth will out somewhere along the line.

Reflecting on the exits of Louise Marwood and John Bowe as Chrissie and Lawrence, he added: ‘For me, I’ve been in the show three years now and I’ve been with them and filmed with them ever since I started. I was only 15 when I came and being that young, I got attached to John and Louise. Now they’ve gone and it’s just me and Emily (Head, who plays Rebecca).’

The car is smashed up but will the Whites die in Emmerdale?
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Can Lachlan keep the awful truth from emerging? Only time will tell but there is far more drama still to come – with Robert’s suspicions, the possibility of Rebecca waking up and that voicemail, Lachlan shouldn’t get too comfortable in what his deplorable act has achieved for him.

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