25 soap spoilers: Joseph Tate shocking revenge in Emmerdale, Phelan fear in Coronation Street, Abi death in EastEnders, Darcy scheme in Hollyoaks

EastEnders death, Joseph Tate shock Emmerdale revenge and 23 more soap spoilers
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Vengeful soap villains are taking risky actions in coming episodes – and they could seriously backfire. Joseph Tate lures the Dingles out of their cottage in Emmerdale for a demolition to take place – unaware that there are children inside while Pat Phelan’s determination to break Anna Windass in Coronation Street could be his downfall.

Elsewhere in soapland, there’s tragedy in EastEnders as Max Branning faces a painful last goodbye to Abi while over in Hollyoaks, Jesse Donovan is caught up in crime when he is arrested for drug trafficking. And in Casualty, Elle and Jacob are left fearing the worst when Blake goes missing.

In other major developments, Tiffany Butcher is in danger and Dot Branning is back in Walford, Moira Dingle makes a confession and Robert Sugden reels from the crash in Emmerdale, Eva Price discovers she’s pregnant and Bethany Platt turns to lapdancing in Weatherfield while Luke Morgan takes drastic action in Hollyoaks and it’s a big day for Ethan in Casualty.

Here is your big preview!

Coronation Street

Craig discovers Bethany is lapdancing in Coronation Street
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1. Craig is called to a disturbance at a lapdancing club and he is shocked to find Bethany working there. Bethany explains that the job gives her a sense of power over her relationship with men and refuses to give it up, telling Craig that if he can’t accept it then they are done.

2. Gary is determined to track down Seb to change his story about what happened on the day of the accident and it’s clear how terrified he is of Phelan. Hearing that Phelan killed Luke, he contacts the police and Phelan is furious when he is questioned.

Eva thinks she is pregnant in Coronation Street
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3. When Eva takes unwell, Shona suggests that she may be pregnant and a test later confirms they’re suspicions. When Eva then takes a test to ascertain when she fell pregnant, she realises that the baby can only be Aidan’s.

4. Seeing Peter and Carla getting on, Toyah is uncomfortable and decides to befriend Carla to keep her enemy close. However, when Michelle overhears Toyah saying she can’t stand Carla, a showdown explodes and Peter is forced to reassure his partner that there is nothing between him and his ex.

Phelan accuses Anna in Coronation Street
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5. Anna takes the stand as her trial for pushing Seb commences and Phelan wastes no time in digging the knife in, portraying Anna as someone violent who can’t control her temper. She watches him with loathing as he determines to get her sent down.

6. Bethany is horrified at the prospect of Sarah and Gary getting back together so she enlists her colleague from the lapdancing club, Sam, to drape herself over Gary just as Sarah walks in. Will Sarah fall for it?


Max cant cope with losing Abi in EastEnders
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7. Max is struggling to cope with the prospect of losing Abi and refuses to listen to all advice from doctors and loved ones. As doctors prepare to make the decision to turn off the life support, Max makes a desperate bid to stop them.

Whitney comforts Tiffany in EastEnders
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8. In the wake of discovering what is going on with Tiffany, a worried Whitney tries to get to the bottom of the truth and prepares to head to Milton Keynes, only for a desperate Tiffany to stop her. Later confronted again, Tiffany storms off – and ends up in a dangerous situation.

9. Dot arrives back in Walford and finds it difficult to get her head round what has happened to Abi. She is also surprised to see that the launderette has re-opened with Karen at the helm and finds herself stepping in to help when Karen struggles.

Masood prepares for his new job in EastEnders
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10. Masood needs cash and fast and manages to persuade Linda to take him on at the Vic. However, he tells Mariam and Arshad that he is working as an estate agent so they suit him up for his first day. As he arrives, his new role quickly descends into chaos.

11. Max takes a delivery for a cot ordered by Abi and as he puts everything into building it, he loses it and smashes it up as Jack and Dot walk in. Later, the Brannings prepare to say their final farewells as Abi’s life support is switched off.

12. Despite her new job at the launderette, Karen is still struggling to make ends meet but soon, she has hit upon a new money making idea.


Moira tells Ross the truth in Emmerdale
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13. Moira gets the fright of her life when she discovers that Adam may have been killed and she needs to identify a body. Ross goes with her and she is relieved to find it’s not her son. After the scare, she can’t bottle up the truth any longer and tells Ross that she killed Emma, causing him to violently snap.

14. In the wake of the crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence, Robert struggles to hold it together as he cares for baby Seb while waiting for news on the fate of his son’s mother. Meanwhile, Lachlan is plagued as Belle and Gerry try to support him, oblivious to his role in the crash.

A digger approaches the Dingles in Emmerdale
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15. Joseph lures the Dingles to a meeting at Home Farm so they can discuss their concerns but while they’re out, a digger makes impact on the cottage to knock it down. Unfortunately, Samson and Noah are playing inside and are plunged into danger.

16. As Ross and Pete struggle to decide what to do about Moira, Cain visits her after hearing what has been going on. As they talk, Moira leans in for a kiss but how far will they go? Elsewhere, Harriet quits the church so she can be with Cain…

17. Brenda continues to struggle to rebuild her relationship with Bob and he can sense her difficulty as she admits that it will take her some time. Determined to get it back on track, Bob sets out to buy an eternity ring to prove his love.

Marlon tries to impress Jessie in Emmerdale
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18. Marlon continues to fall for Jessie and ends up accidentally inviting her on a date with a difference to a wrestling night. When Rhona learns that Paddy is going, she decides to go along too but will she admit her feelings?


Mandy finds her dress damaged in Hollyoaks
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19. Luke is worried about how fast the wedding is approaching and, knowing that he needs to track down Scarlett, he tries to buy time by sabotaging Mandy’s dress. When she catches him, she is horrified by his actions but they need to hold things together for their meeting about Ella.

Jesse is arrested in Hollyoaks
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20. Grace accidentally ropes Jesse in to making a drugs delivery and Glenn warns her that she will be sorry if his son ends up arrested. As Jesse arrives in customs, he will end up arrested but can Glenn and Grace get him out of this mess?

21. Granny continues to sabotage Courtney’s efforts as a mum which leads to her struggling in front of the social worker. As Granny then suggests that she lets her hair down with a night out, it’s all part of her wicked plan.

Darcy takes Toby away in Hollyoaks
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22. As Darcy plots to put her plan to get her hands on Tom’s inheritance into action, she also intends to steal Toby abroad and arranges with Adam to spend some time with him. But will Adam suss out her game before it’s too late?


23. Elle is beside herself when she wakes up to find that Blake is missing. She then discovers that Jacob told Blake the true identity of her father and she is furious with him, leading to a big row between them.

24. Ethan is nervous ahead of his consultant exam and Alicia does her best to help him prepare. However, as he enters the examination room, he is surprised to find that Connie is on the panel. Will this be a help or a hindrance?

25. Blake enters the ED with an injured fist and Elle fears that he has done something terrible. As she can’t get much information out of Blake, she is unnerved when the police turn up but just what has Blake done?

What’s next?

  • Who faces death when they are faced with an enemy who is armed and very dangerous? And how far will the vengeful nemesis go?
  • Who devastates someone by making a false allegation of sexual assault? And will their shameless claim be believed?
  • Who shares a kiss with someone surprising in order to get a persistent ex off their back? And will it lead to more?
  • Which two determined people team up for a common but dangerous goal and are they able to trust one another as things get intense?
  • Who faces a fight for life after collapsing? And can they finally confront what is wrong with them and be saved before it’s too late?

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