10 Hollyoaks spoilers: Darcy’s shocking plan, Luke wedding drama and Grace drugs horror

Darcy shocking plan, Luke wedding drama and 8 more Hollyoaks spoilers
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Crime doesn’t pay – but since when did the residents of Hollyoaks ever get that memo? Glenn Donovan and Shane Sweeney are up to no good but when an oblivious Grace Black ropes Jesse in as a delivery driver, the consequences could be huge when they realise a little too late that they are transporting drugs.

Elsewhere, Luke Morgan could soon be committing the crime of bigamy as his wedding to Mandy Richardson draws ever closer while Darcy Wilde is also up to no good (surprise, surprise!) as she eyes up Tom Cunningham’s inheritance. Granny Campbell continues to scheme too and it could lead to a huge loss for poor Courtney.

Here are the latest spoilers:

10 Hollyoaks spoilers

  • Grace tries to reassert her authority at the building site but Glenn humiliates her.
  • Granny sets Courtney up to fall as social workers come to call and see how she is coping with Iona.
  • Scott orders Damon to support Maggie as he struggles to deal with her cancer.
  • Glenn sends Jesse on a delivery and panics when she realises that it’s for drugs!
  • Darcy puts her plan to snare Tom’s inheritance into action.
  • Luke destroys Mandy’s dress in a bid to postpone the wedding.
  • Ryan confronts Ste when he discovers that he has bought drugs – can he get through to him?
  • Shane drops Darren in it over The Loft robbery and Nancy angrily confronts him.
  • Mandy struggles to hold it together when a social worker visits in relation to Ella.
  • Shane and Simone feel the first fissures of sexual chemistry…

Monday 15th January

Glenn and Grace get close in Hollyoaks
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Glenn and Shane do their best to keep Grace in the dark over their plotting and she is left humiliated when she turns up at the building in a sexy dress to try and reassert her authority. Later, she interferes again and hires Jesse as a delivery driver, unaware of the true nature of the business.

Granny schemes when Courtney is against the idea of moving back to Edinburgh while Scott orders Damon to support Maggie as he struggles to confront the reality of her cancer.

Tuesday 16th January

Corutney is stressed in Hollyoaks
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Granny sets a gutted Courtney up to fail when a social worker comes to visit and see how she is coping as a new mum. As Courtney’s meeting doesn’t go well, she is left paranoid over her own abilities as a mum.

Glenn is furious when he realises that Grace has Jesse out on a job and warns her that if he gets caught, then she will pay. But as Jesse is pulled over at customs, it looks it may be too late. Elsewhere, Ryan confronts Ste over buying drugs and Maggie reveals the real reason she had to give Scott up as a baby.

Wednesday 17th January

Granny manipulates Courtney in Hollyoaks
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As Courtney is filled with paranoia over a repeat visit from the social worker, Granny encourages her to go out and let her hair down with Leela but little does Courtney know that this is another cruel ploy to try and undermine her as a mum.

Nancy gets more than she bargained for when she tries to pull Shane from the school rebuild project and he hits back with the revelation that Darren was involved in The Loft robbery. Luke gets a lead on his secret wife, Scarlett.

Thursday 18th January

Luke destroys Mandy's dress in Hollyoaks
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Luke determines to delay the wedding and sets about destroying Mandy’s dress, leaving her crushed when she arrives back and realises what she has done. Mandy and Darren make an offer on Nightingale’s but get bad news while Tom’s inheritance comes through, prompting Darcy to take action.

Simone is uncomfortable when Shane offers to fix her washing machine and when he accidentally breaks her speakers, he finds himself in her debt.

Friday 19th January

Darcy tricks Adam in Hollyoaks
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Adam agrees to let Darcy see Toby but she is planning to flee to Florida with him – complete with Tom’s money. Can anyone stop her? Meanwhile, Simone draws up a list of chores for Shane and as they bicker, there’s a spark.

Mandy wants her and Luke to behave like a normal couple in front of Ella’s social worker but she struggles to hold it together.

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