Rams wrap up: Rookie coach Sean McVay puts bow on first season in LA

The first season under Sean McVay came to a close on Saturday night at the Coliseum.

The Rams fell 26-13 to the Falcons in their NFC Wild Card Matchup to finish the season 11-5.

On Sunday, McVay met wit the media to sum up his rookie campaign.

#LARams LIVE: Sean McVay Season Wrap Up Press Conference

— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) January 7, 2018

As you try to reflect on some of the things from this season, certainly it’s disappointing. It’s always tough to be able to kind of handle those losses and you want to make sure that you do it in the right way. But, you also don’t want it to take away from a lot of the great things that our players and that our coaches were able to achieve – being able to win a division. I think there’s a lot of things that we can reflect back on that you can appreciate and – like we always talk about – that you can learn from. Certainly, last night was one of those experiences. What you do have an appreciation for is how hard it is to win in this league. So you talk about hopefully using that experience that we gained last night as a chance to move forward.’

On how he is processing loss

“It was tough. That’s where you appreciate being around your family and having those people that you’re close to that you can kind of just reflect on some things. And then you definitely look at the film. You come in, you look at the film and we always talk about learning from your mistakes. Certainly, being really, especially for me form a play calling standpoint being in your third year learning from those mistakes. Being able to look at, ‘What can we correct? What can we do to help put our players in better spots? Offense, defense special teams.’ You look at it, you correct it and then you use it as motivation to move forward.”

Gallery: Sights from LA Rams in NFC Wild Card game

Film watch

“I think really and specifically for us what was unfortunate and what I thought really was the key in the game was that when you start out offensively and you go three-and-out the first two series that’s tough and then you turn the football over. Defense was playing really well. We give them two short fields that they were able to capitalize on and then by the time that you’re able to get into a good rhythm it’s at the end of the half and you cut the lead to three points and then they end up sustaining a good drive coming out the end of the half. To their credit, I really think the first half, those turnovers really ended up being the difference in that game. There’s always a handful of plays that affect the outcome, but certainly the way that the defense was playing, I thought it was impressive for them to hold them to a field goal.”

Jared Goff’s upside

“Being able to get comfortable with continuing to see the variety of looks the defenses presents or consistently being able to see some of those same looks. You can draw on those experiences and I think this year being able to play in 16 games, because he ended sitting out of that last one will serve him really well. He’ll be able to look at himself critically, learn from some of the mistakes. He did a lot of really good things too. I think it allows him to go into the offseason program with a lot of confidence. A lot of things that we’ll be able to pick out specifically what we feel like are going to be key focal points and points of emphasis for him, but in terms of leading, just playing the position, the command overall very pleased with Jared and I thought he had a good year.”

RECAP: Offense sputters as Rams can’t overcome Falcons at Coliseum

Jon Gruden to Raiders

“Great coach. Great coach, great motivator, great leader, great teacher in terms of just understanding the big picture. He’s gotten exposed to a lot of different things. I’ll be interested to see — I was talking to a couple people and when I talk to him I’ll be interested to see, will he run the same offense that he was running when I got a chance to work with him in Tampa or will he now implement some of the different things that he’s had a chance to kind of continue to get exposure to over the last handful of years. Either way, hate the fact that the we’ll have to go against his next year, it will be fun, but he’s a great coach and you see why Oakland is so excited about being able to get him back to the Raiders.”

Will he steal your plays?

“No. We’ve stolen his plays, so that’s more what it is.”

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