Bigg Boss 11 January 6, 2018 Weekend Ka Vaar: LIVE UPDATES

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: January 6, 2018 10:05 pm Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Can’t watch tonight’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

10:03 pm: Hina Khan faces the questions next. She agrees that Vikas is the least deserving and is tasting his own medicine in the show now. She also says Shilpa is the most unhygienic contestant and Shilpa was a hindrance for her in the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task.

10 pm: Next to take the questions of Salman Khan is Puneesh. Puneesh says he thinks he is more popular that Vikas. Next, he lies about Hina Khan being a zero about the house. According to Puneesh, Shilpa never sticks to her promises and Luv looks like a servant of the house.

9:50 pm: Salman now gives the contestants a task where the contestants have to listen to the things they said about their fellow contestants and accept it if they have said it or not. The first one to perform the task is Shilpa. Shilpa is asked if she thinks Vikas is an attention seeker and she says yes. Next, she says Vikas should stay away from Puneeesh as he might use him for his own good and last she agrees Hina never accepts her mistakes.

9:46 pm: Salman re-enters the house. He takes the name of the nominated contestants and builds up the tension around who will be evicted from the house. But he also says that the name of the evicted contestant will be announced in Sunday’s episode.

9:45 pm: Rani takes a leave from Salman Khan and asks the audience to watch Hichki.

9:44 pm: Rani now plays a fun memory game with Salman. He has to add words and Rani will add two more words to it. The two actors make the game interesting by adding funny words to the sentence.

9:40 pm: Salman praises Rani as the most talented actress in Bollywood and talks about her dancing skills. Both the actors shake a leg on their film Hello Brother’s song “Chaandi Ki Daal Par” and “Hata Sawan Ki Ghata.”

9:37 pm: Rani Mukerji comes on the stage and meets Salman. Rani talks about the ‘Hichki’ of Salman’s life – his marriage and teases him by saying that he should stop thinking about marriage and now focus on having kids.

9:35 pm: Salman takes a leave from the contestants and Akash recollects whatever Salman said about him. Shilpa and Puneesh also discuss Akash’s rude behaviour and how people at the mall expressed displeasure towards Akash.

9:34 pm: Salman gives a chance to Vikas to do the ranking again and Vikas gives the top position to Shilpa, then Hina, third is Vikas, fourth is Akash, fifth is Luv and sixth is Puneesh. Hina agrees with Vikas’ order but Shilpa sees it differently. Puneesh too brings down Akash to fifth position.

9:30 pm: Salman reprimands the contestants for giving up the top positions to keep themselves away from the irritation caused by Akash.

9:29 pm: Vikas Gupta reveals how Hina and Shilpa gave up their position in the task to Akash. Shilpa says Puneesh and Akash said that they being the commoners have worked harder in the show in comparison to the celebrities. Salman says the celebrities accepted their defeat and this has disappointed their fans.

9:26 pm: Nominated contestants Shilpa, Hina, Luv and Vikas get an earful from Salman for keeping Akash and Puneesh on first and second position respectively in the test of popularity which decided the nominations of the week. Salman asks Shilpa why Akash according to her is the best entertainer in the house and she defends herself saying that she had no strength to fight with Akash.

9:23 pm: Salman Khan meets the contestants. He says Akash has emerged as the most irritating contestant in the house. Salman takes his case by saying that what an achievement it is for him that nobody in the house likes him. Akash apologises to Salman and Salman replies that if he ever does anything outside the house, he will be beaten up.

9:20 pm: As Rani leaves, Vikas and Hina discuss how Shilpa Shinde thinks girls are meant to not study too much and achieve more than men.

9:19 pm: Rani finds Vikas Gupta’s act as Akash the most entertaining one. She appreciates them for their acting skills. Now, Rani asks contestants whose journey in the house gave them ‘Hichki’ in the house. Akash takes Shilpa’s name. Shilpa, in turn, takes Akash’s name. Rani Mukerji now leaves the housemates and wishes them luck for the finale of the show.

9:15 pm: As Rani says that it is difficult to be perfect for anyone, Shilpa pokes fun at Hina’s habit of refusing doing anything wrong in front of Salman Khan. Vikas Gupta comes up and makes fun of Akash and Akash comes wearing a wig and fails to entertain Rani. Last is Luv who plays Puneesh. Luv imitates the lover boy of Bigg boss and talks about Puneesh being the most known commoner of Bigg Boss 11.

9:11 pm: Salman says this is all for a task with Rani Mukerji who entered the house. Rani enters the house and meets all the housemates. She introduces a task wherein the contestants have to speak about a topic given to them by Rani. The first one is Puneesh who plays Luv. Rani, who is here to promote Hichki, asks him to speak on Luv and Hina’s friendship. Next is Hina Khan who speaks about Shilpa Shinde being a game player and Shilpa Shinde talks about ‘Ms. Perfect Hina Khan.’

9:07 pm: Salman shows the footage where the housemates stepped into each other’s character and had fun in the house. Akash plays Vikas, Shilpa is Hina, Vikas is Akash, Puneesh is Luv and Hina is Shilpa. Luv makes fun of Puneesh for losing his cool and Shilpa cries like Hina. The audience burst out laughing seeing this role reversal.

9:05 pm: Salman Khan enters the stage and greets the viewers in his peculiar way. He says that this is the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode and next week the audience will witness the finale of the show with Puneesh and Akash in it already. He shows the footage of live voting that happened in Friday’s episode.

8:45 pm: Here is a sneak peek at tonight’s episode:

Rani Mukherjee enters the #BB11 house to promote her upcoming movie #Hitchki and play a fun task with the housemates. Catch all the masti, tonight at 9 PM on #WeekendKaVaar. #BBSneakPeekpic.twitter.com/gsroogfN9H

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