Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Meryl Streep over Weinstein Denial – ‘Of Course’ She Knew

To deflect away from her own culpability in the matter of Harvey Weinstein (a man she declared “God“), disgraced actress Meryl Streep attacked First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump’s daughter Ivanka over their “silence” regarding Weinstein. A baffling and desperate act that Donald Trump Jr. ridiculed using his Twitter account.

“Amazing that the only person in all of Hollywood who didn’t know Weinstein was a serial assaulter (of course she did) has an opinion on this,” Trump wrote.

Amazing that the only person in all of Hollywood who didn’t know Weinstein was a serial assaulter (of course she did) has an opinion on this.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 4, 2018

What Streep was not asked to explain by the sycophantic New York Times in a follow-up question, is why she believes the First Lady or Ivanka would speak out against Weinstein, when, by all accounts, they did not do any business with him. Moreover, their respective brushes with the entertainment business did not include the film industry. Ivanka appeared on her father’s reality TV show. Melania was in fashion and modeling.

Streep, on the other hand, made around a half-dozen films with Weinstein over three decades. One of those titles resulted in her winning an Oscar. Others resulted in nominations.

Moreover, Streep is the Queen of Hollywood, more beloved and plugged in than anyone. The idea that the aging actress was unaware of Weinstein’s behavior, when others have credibly claimed that “everyone knew,” is preposterous.

The troubling and undeniable reality is that Streep has, in the past, shown a disturbing tolerance and affection for men who sexually abuse women. Roman Polanski, a fugitive from justice, has admitted to drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl. Nevertheless, Streep not only gave Polanski a standing ovation in 2003, she has said since that he should not be imprisoned for his unforgivable crime.

Of Weinstein’s alleged crimes, which include serial rape, incredibly, Streep wrote those off as acts of “disrespect.”

Moreover, as we saw last year during the Golden Globes telecast, Streep has no regard or respect for the truth. She is very comfortable standing before the entire world while telling a provable lie.

As of right now, the-69 year-old Streep’s disapproval rating among the public sits at a dismal 58 percent, which is worse than Trump’s — whose numbers are on the rise.

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