Kumkum Bhagya January 4 2018 full episode written update: Simolika fixes a bomb in Abhi’s guitar

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: January 4, 2018 10:41 pm Kumkum Bhagya January 4 2018 full episode written update: Simolika offers Rs 6 lakhs to Khan Chacha.

Abhi is teasing Pragya in the kitchen when Dadi comes there and asks what they are doing and Pragya says to her that Abhi is troubling her and Dadi asks him to not do all this in the kitchen and they should do all this in their bed room. Dadi says it’s time they should get a baby instead of playing like children.

Pragya goes to the washroom but Tannu is already sitting there in the room and asks why she is using this washroom instead of the one in her own room. Pragya says she doesn’t live their alone and Abhi is using that washroom. Tannu says when she is all messed up with the floor then she should’ve used the washroom first. Pragya says even he is covered in floor so Dadi asked her to use this washroom. Tannu asks why are they both covered in floor and Pragya teases her and tells her that he was helping her and got playful. Tannu gets jealous and asks her to leave.

Vikram gives a small bomb to Simolika and asks her to get it fixed into Abhi’s guitar. Simolika scolds him but then he explains that it can make a blast in 10 meter radius. Simolika takes the instrument and says now no one can save Abhi.

Pragya is getting ready in her room and Abhi comes out and she smiles at him. Abhi thinks of grabbing her but slips on the water and blames her that it dropped off from her hair. Pragya comes closer and falls and abhi catches her. As Abhi is about to kiss her he sneezes on her face and Pragya asks him to rest and she’ll get kadha for him.

Simolika goes to Khan Chacha dressed in a burkha and offers chocolate to his grand daughter. Khan Chacha asks who she is and she says Pragya has sent her to collect Abhi’s guitar and gives him the bomb to fix into Abhi’s guitar. Khan Chacha asks what it is and she offers him 6 lakhs but khan Chacha says he is very honest person and he doesn’t need this money and shows her the note that Pragya gave to his grand daughter. Simolika takes out gun and threatens to kill his grand daughter and khan Chacha had to fix the device into the guitar. Simolika takes the guitar and thinks that this time his closed one has helped her to kill him.

Pragya gets the kadha for Abhi and he shows tantrums to her and says he won’t have it. Pragya thinks of befooling him into making him have it. She asks him to close his eyes and says she has a surprise for him and ties his hands and forces him to have the kadha. Abhi says he wants to tell her something in her ear and kisses her and says he loves her.

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