Emmerdale spoilers: Tom Waterhouse is revealed as Joseph Tate in shocking twist

Tom Waterhouse is revealed as Joseph Tate in shocking twist
(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans knew there must have been more to suave and unsettling liar Tom Waterhouse than just dreams of opening a golf course – and they were right! In fact Tom Waterhouse isn’t even Tom Waterhouse – but Joseph Tate!

With Charity having clocked that something is amiss with the businessman, Joe was forced to bring his plans forward. Debbie was staggered as she was evicted from Jacob’s Fold and saw all of her possessions being removed from the cottage by repo men.

As she watched on in horror, a seemingly unmoved Joe sipped champagne and made the big announcement – he is actually Joe Tate and has a fair few grudges to bear, not least of all with Charity! And it seems that this might just be the beginning of his plans.


As Joe returns to Home Farm, the Tates are officially back in the big house and Charity should probably be very afraid as Joe blames her for the death of his father Chris.

Long term fans will know Joe as the son of Chris and the late Rachel Hughes. Rachel, played by Glenda McKay, was with Chris for a time and was the best friend of Kathy Glover. She met her end when psychotic boyfriend Graham Clark pushed her to her death from a cliff.

Joseph Tate at work in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Chris brought Joe up but when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the Home Farm schemer sought to frame Charity as revenge for cheating on him with Cain. Knowing he was going to die anyway, he drank poison and made it seem like Charity had killed him for his money.

Charity would later be arrested and Joseph, who was in boarding school at the time, was later taken to live in New Zealand with Chris’ sister Zoe. He hasn’t been seen or heard of – until now!

Charity and Tom and Debbie in Emmerdale as Joseph Tate reveal unfolds
(Picture: ITV)

With his dad’s wealth behind him, he has made quite something of himself but his roots have brought him back to the Dales and there is clearly unfinished business.

Just what does he have in store for Charity?

Emmerdale continues on Thursday 4th January at 8pm on ITV and head back to Metro Soaps when the episode finishes for our chat with actor Ned Porteous, who plays Joe.

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