Kumkum Bhagya 3 January 2018 full episode written update: Pragya gives Khan Chacha’s address to Simolika

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Updated: January 3, 2018 9:52 pm Kumkum Bhagya 3 January 2018 full episode written update: Pragya meets Simolika outside who is waiting for her with the broken guitar.

Abhi tells Purab how he feels that this is Pragya and not Munni though she tried proving that she isn’t Pragya. He says what he fails to understand is that why she isn’t accepting it. Purab says he had a doubt in the beginning but now she has given him ample chances that show that she is Pragya. He says she supported his and Disha’s wedding and accepted Disha as her younger sister and came there to save him and Disha. Abhi says he feels either Pragya is in danger or she is trying to protect the family from some sort of danger. Abhi asks Purab to help him out to find out and asks him to promise him that he won’t hide anything from him.

Pragya comes home and Aaliya stops her and asks her to stop playing these games as she is just a refugee and she should not try to get along with all family members like Pragya. Pragya interrupts her and says she isn’t afraid as she is living here being Munni and those who have something to hide should be afraid. She says she is the termite in the family who is harming her own brother and family. She says if the family gets to know her motives then she’ll become the refugee and as Aaliya is about to say something, Pragya stops her and says she doesn’t want to listen to her stupid reasons that her family never treated her good or Purab never understood her love because all this is bullshit. Aaliya points a finger at her and Pragya twists her hand and warns her to mind herself or else next time her hand would be capable enough to assist her and she would need her best friend Tannu.

Pragya goes to her room but meets Simolika outside who is waiting for her with the broken guitar and requests Pragya to tell her Khan Chacha’s address as she wants to get it mend by herself. Pragya resists but Simolika does her drama and Pragya gives her the address. Pragya thinks she is such a nice hearted girl. Simolika is lost in her thoughts when Tannu calls her but she ignores her and goes. Mitali comes there and makes fun of her and they start fighting and Aaliya comes there and stops them.

Abhi goes to his room and thinks how can he find out what is Pragya hiding and why is she not confessing. He goes to kitchen where Pragya is making some special kind of roti that she learnt from her mother. Abhi asks her where did she learn to make these and she says all her relatives in the village used to make these. Abhi reminisces when Pragya cooked them for the first time and told Dadi that she learnt it from her mom as they used to offer it as Prasad. Abhi covers Pragya’s head with her dupatta and says she is looking very pretty they she looked at their wedding day. Pragya hesitantly asks which wedding is he talking about. Pragya tries to scratch her back while her hands are covered with floor and Abhi says he’ll do it for her and Tannu gets jealous seeing them.

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