Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, January 1, 2018 full episode written update: Mihika and Romi to start a counseling session

Written by Srishty Arora | New Delhi | Updated: January 1, 2018 9:31 pm Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, January 1, 2018 full episode written update: The lawyer says Romi cheated on Mihika.

The episode starts with Mrs Iyer asking Ishita about the handcuffs. Ishita says the keys are lost. Mrs Iyer asks Ishita, how will they sleep. She says it’s about her daughter’s respect so Ishita can’t spend the night with a stranger. Parmeet agrees with Mrs Iyer and says she is right. Simmi says everything will be ruined if they sleep together. Bala asks Mrs Iyer to come home. Aadi says he is feeling sleepy. Simmi asks Aadi to get the key-maker. Adi asks Simmi to see the time and says how can he get the key-maker so late. He asks everyone to relax as its the matter of one day. Mrs Iyer says no, this can’t happen. Param says I will go and get the key-maker. Ishita asks Amma to go home and relax. Bala takes Amma along. Raman asks Ishita to control her mum. Mrs Iyer laughs and says she wanted to trouble Simmi.
Mihika cries and tells everyone about her divorce hearing. She tells everyone that she get flashes of him cheating on her when she see him. Mihika says that she loved him and wishes Ishita could understand her, she feels so alone, no one supports her. Balla tries to calm her by saying that they are with her. Mihika asks if he is in support of Romi. Bala explains to Mihika that this is not right, Romi did a mistake, but he accepted his mistake, he is not a bad person. She says I knew it, he will get everyone in his support and she leaves.

Param gets the key-maker. Simmi asks the man to make key for this lock. The man says it looks difficult to open this. Simmi asks him to open the lock. Parmeet says that he didn’t get key-maker, so he got a blacksmith. Simmi says fine, just do your work. The man cuts the chain. Raman says I am not scared. Ishita smiles and thinks he gets scared even by a needle. Ishita’s phone rings. Raman sees the message flashing on screen. He thinks of Param’s word. The chain gets cut. Mrs Iyer takes Ishita to her house.

Raman wakes up and thinks about Ishita. He sees I am sorry card and comes to Pihu. He thanks her for the card. Romi asks Mihika what’s this drama, why did she put case on fast track. Mihika says I went to counselor, but you didn’t come. Romi says I told you the problem. She says she doesn’t believe in his stories. Romi asks what do you mean. Raman asks Romi to talk nicely to her. Romi asks Raman to not interfere in their matter, and says he can handle it well. Raman says not to misbehave with her as he is standing with Mihika.

Raman and Mihika come to court. He says I am there for you, everything will get fine. Raman answers a call. He says it’s very important to meet. Raman apologises to Mihika, and says I have to leave. Mihika thanks him for support. He says don’t worry, you will win.

The lawyer says Romi cheated on Mihika, Romi has to pay her money. Romi’s lawyer says I have a witness who can prove Romi can’t pay this big amount to Mihika. Ishita comes. They all look on. Ishita says Mihika is independent, she doesn’t need money, Romi works in his brother’s company, Mihika knew everything about Romi well. Ishita asks the judge to give one more chance to them and they’ll solve their differences. Judge says Mihika and Romi will continue the counselling sessions and they’ll have to reapply for divorce if they want. The case is dismissed.

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