Bigg Boss 11 December 23 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Arshi Khan evicted, Vikas Gupta enters semifinals

Written by Srishty Arora | Mumbai | Updated: December 23, 2017 10:28 pm Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

10:24 pm: Salman congratulates Vikas for getting into the semifinals.

10:23 pm: Salman tells Vikas that it is because of his black shirt.

10:22 pm: Next turn is of Vikas. Bigg Boss shows Vikas’ journey in the house. Vikas gets 71% of votes.

10:10 pm: Priyank gets 67% of votes.

10:09 pm: Salman asks the audience to vote for Priyank and side by side Priyank gives his speech.

10:07 pm: Bigg Boss shows the audience Priyank’s journey in the house.

10:06 pm: Salman enters the house and tells them about live voting. Salman tells Priyank and Vikas that they have to tell the audience why they are better from others and why they deserve to be in the semifinals.

10:03 pm: Salman shows Arshi her journey in the house and tells Arshi that she entertained a lot in the house.

10:02 pm: Salman tells contestants that only one will get saved out of Vikas and Priyank.

10 pm: Arshi takes Vikas and Priyank’s name. Vikas starts crying.

9:52 pm: Salman gives Arshi the power to send two contestants directly into the semi finals.

9:50 pm: Vikas cries. He says Arshi was his best friend.

9:49 pm: Salman and Arshi are all set to interact with the housemates.

9:48 pm: Salman asks Arshi who is the nagin of the house. Arshi takes Hina’s name.

9:47 pm: Arshi tells Salman that Vikas will get destroyed in the house.

9:45 pm: Salman welcomes Arshi on stage and asks Arshi if she expected this. Arshi tells Salman that she thought she is going to be in top five.

9:43 pm: Vikas cries for Arshi and tells Shilpa that Arshi loved her. Shilpa argues with Vikas over Arshi and her behaviour towards her.

9:42 pm: Hina and Shilpa discuss about Vikas’ game plan.

9:40 pm: Shilpa cries for Arshi and hugs her.

9:39 pm: Salman tells Puneesh that he is safe and Arshi is going home today.

9:38 pm: Luv and Priyank get saved from the eviction.

9:37 pm: Salman asks everyone who according to them is going home this week. Arshi, Hina and Priyank take Puneesh’s name. Vikas, Luv, Akash and Shilpa take Arshi’s name. Puneesh takes his name.

9:34 pm: Salman asks Hina why she choose Shilpa over Priyank.

9:33 pm: Hina wanted Shilpa to be the captain and at the same time she was fighting for the captaincy.

9:32 pm: Salman asks Hina what did she want in the captaincy task.

9:29 pm: Salman tells Shilpa that it was unfair for Puneesh and Akash as they saved her egg in the task for the captaincy.

9:28 pm: Salman calls Shilpa a “Devi” as she sacrifices her contendership.

9:27 pm: Luv explains that Priyank may choose Vikas over him.

9:26 pm: Appy caller of the day asks Luv why did he choose Hina instead of Priyank for the captaincy.

9:25 pm: Salman takes Shilpa, Akash and Vikas’s name and tells they are safe this week.

9:24 pm: Salman tells the name of nominated contestants and looks at Luv and says “Kab tak bachoge thakur.”

9:23 pm: Salman tells everyone that Hiten’s eviction was shocking for everyone. Vikas tells that Shilpa’s vote changed the game plan.

9:21 pm: Salman asks Luv about the letter which he found in the washroom.

9:20 pm: Puneesh tells Salman that Vikas’ bond with Priyank is getting stronger after Hiten’s eviction.

9:19 pm: Salman asks Hina and Puneesh about the changes in Vikas’ journey in the house.

9:18 pm: Salman tells Vikas that everyone was complimenting him as he was looking good in black shirt.

9:16 pm: Akash and Puneesh make Hina realise that it is for Vikas.

9:15 pm: Salman asks Hina how she feels about being safe. Salman tells Hina to go to store room. Hina brings one suitcase and files.

9:14 pm: Vikas tells Salman it was Puneesh’s idea. Salman asks everyone if they think Bigg Boss’ team are a bunch of fools.

9:13 pm: Salman asks contestants who spreads the virus of nicknames.

9:12 pm: Salman makes fun of nicknames which was given by the nominated contestants to each other while discussing about nomination.

9:11 pm: Salman asks Hina about her gift. Hina tells Salman that Akash gifted her one egg on which he wrote, “I egg You.”

9:10 pm: Salman Khan asks the contestants about their gifts.

9:09 pm: Hina says to Luv that Shilpa should have gifted Puneesh something as she is his good friend.

9:07 pm: Hina gifts protein shake to Puneesh as no one gave anything to him.

9:06 pm: Contestants open their gifts which is given by other housemates.

9:05 pm: Salman informs the audience that they are going to directly nominate today.

9:04 pm: Salman tells the audience that nominated contestants only see red (danger) in him.

9:01 pm: Salman thanks everyone for increasing the TRPs of the show.

9 pm: Salman enters the stage and welcomes everyone. Salman wishes everyone Marry Christmas.

8:45 pm: Here is a sneak peek at tonight’s episode:

.@BeingSalmanKhan questions @lostboy54 about the sudden change in his game! Catch all the action tonight at 9 PM. #WeekendKaVaarpic.twitter.com/pTgSd5uYzx

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) December 23, 2017

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