Bigg Boss 11 December 22, 2017 written update: Hina Khan becomes the captain

Written by Srishty Arora | New Delhi | Published: December 23, 2017 6:34 am Bigg Boss airs on Colors.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

  • Puneesh advises Akash to cut Bandgi’s name from the wall.
  • Akash calls Arshi and Vikas the dumbest people on the show.
  • Akash shows camera to Vikas and says he is not master mind.
  • Priyank apologises to Hina. Hina gets up from there and sits on the sofa.
  • Priyank goes there and again apologizes to Hina to which Hina replies, “It is over between us.”
  • Priyank tells Luv to explain it to Hina that he is apologising for shouting at her.
  • Hina warns Luv not to talk about Priyank with her.
  • Puneesh asks Hina to see that Vikas is alone in the house. Hina says that Vikas always plays in the majority and now he is in jail because of majority. Shilpa also shows her anger on Vikas.
  • Vikas gets irritated by Akash and throws his jacket in the washroom. Akash warns Vikas not to touch his jacket and flushes Vikas’ jacket in the washroom.
  • Vikas locks Akash in the washroom.
  • Akash and Vikas get into a fight. Vikas tries to jump on Akash and Akash pushes him away.
  • Vikas pushes Akash on the floor. Luv calls Akash “footage”.
  • Bigg Boss calls Vikas and Akash into the confession room and asks them what they are doing in the jail. Bigg Boss warns them not to be physical on the show.
  • Vikas tells Akash that he is good from his heart and he is emotional.
  • Vikas tries to make things right with Akash and solve his fight.
  • Hina tells Luv that Shilpa apologised to her for making fun on her emotions.
  • Arshi, Akash and Vikas’s punishment get over. Vikas hugs Akash.
  • Arshi asks Priyank about his relationship with Hina. Priyank tells Arshi that he apologized to Hina and she said “Don’t touch me” which was very hurtful for him.
  • Hina reads the captaincy task in which contender have to stand on the photo frame and the last one will be the captain.
  • Everyone tries to convince each other.
  • Puneesh and Akash try using oil and cream to make the frame slippery.
  • Vikas advises Arshi to remove oil from Priyank’s side.
  • Bigg Boss asks everyone to decide within two hours, else he would have to end this task.
  • Hina and Priyank take Shilpa’s name.
  • Luv and Shilpa take Priyank’s name.
  • Luv suggests everyone to make Hina the captain.
  • Hina asks Shilpa not to give up her captaincy so easily.
  • Luv and Priyank make fun of Hina.
  • Hina becomes the captain of the house.
  • Hina shares her feelings with Luv that she is not feeling good after becoming captain like this. Luv gets mad on her and asks her to be thankful to those who have set aside their to wish to become captain for her.
  • Luv and Priyank discuss about Hina’s behaviour. Luv says he is not going to support her if she behaves like this.
  • Priyank tells Luv that Hina has some problem in her mind.
  • Hina goes to washroom to thank Priyank but Priyank doesn’t seem interested in talking to her.
  • Akash writes “zero Luv” on the wall of the jail.

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