Is The Good Place Getting an Iconic Parks and Rec Guest Star?

Get ready for the most adorable crossover of the century—possibly. The Good Place actress DArcy Carden just posted a photo of herself posing with a very familiar looking miniature horse—which has some Parks and Recreation fans wondering if they might soon see a guest appearance from Lil Sebastian on former Parks and Rec show-runner Michael Schurs current comedy.

For the uninitiated: Lil Sebastian was a miniature horse and local celebrity in Pawnee, where he first made his public debut at the 1987 Harvest Festival. Hes beloved by everyone in the fictional town—except for Ben Wyatt, who doesnt understand everyone elses obsession. Unfortunately, Lil Sebastian died in the shows third season finale—prompting even the usually unshakable Ron Swanson to mourn. “I have cried twice in my life,” Ron famously said. “Once when I was seven and I was hit by a school bus, and then again when I heard that Lil Sebastian passed.”

As sad as it was to see Lil Sebastian shuffle off this mortal coil, it appears he might now find new life in, well, the afterlife—where The Good Place is largely set. And though its unclear what might bring on a Lil Sebastian sighting in The Good Place, we have already seen hints that these two shows form a shared universe—which means theres a chance Lil Sebastian could be enjoying greener pastures in the shows version of Heaven. Perhaps thats how he met Janet, the character Carden plays; Lil Sebastian would, after all, definitely be in the Good Place, not the Bad Place.

A representative for NBC did not immediately respond to V.F.s request for comment regarding Lil Sebastians potential appearance on The Good Place. But if the pony does turn up, lets hope the show does not miss an opportunity to reunite this tiny horse with Adam Scott, who played Sebastian-skeptic Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec—and whose Good Place character, Trevor, is a Bad Place demon who would absolutely detest the adorable, tiny horse. Whatever happens, at least well always have “5,000 Candles in the Wind.”

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