Keira Knightley admits there is more money for actresses if they play second fiddle

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Keira Knightley says woman can make more money playing a girlfriend or wife role (Picture: Getty)

Keira Knightley has revealed that there is often more money in playing the girlfriend or wife.

A lot of times there could have been more money in playing second fiddle and playing the wife or the girlfriend but I never wanted to do that, Im the wife and girlfriend at home and so I want to pretend to play the boss, she said.

Its been totally conscious to pick strong women, as soon as could I pick my own roles I was always led towards powerful creatures, women who I wanted to be or explore, she added, speaking at a BFI Screen Talk on Friday.

During the wide ranging conversation as part of London Film Festival, she admitted that the film industry doesnt support women at all, not even remotely.

Youre left to survive or not to survive, there is no support, she added.



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Keira will next star in Colette, which tells the true story of the French author whose husband took her work and put his name on the stories.

The idea of having your voice silenced or taken away is one I think most women identify with, said Keira, admitting it feels very topical for 2018.

As a culture we explore male identity and as a women I know parts of men I could never know because Ive seen art and films and theatre, were really given a narrow view of what it is to be woman, and culturally we have look at that and explore women in their complicated whole not just a part, she said.

When I look for roles thats what I want to see because thats what I identify with, I dont just identify with supportive wife or mother I want to see a whole picture and thats what is exciting about this film.

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