Mitaali Nag: I always knew getting another role like Afsar Bitiya would be very difficult

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: June 14, 2018 9:20:15 pm Mitaali Nag, who doesnt look any less than a girl in her 20s, will be seen playing mother to four kids in new TV show Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop. Top News

Questioning the patriarchal society, Colors launched its show Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop. While Affan Khan plays the young lead of the show, Yash Tonk and Mitaali Nag play his parents. In the show, the father wants his son to be tough and rough like a man, Roop wants to grow up like his mother, who showers love and affection on her family, while meeting all the responsibilities at home. Indianexpress.com sat down for an exclusive chat with Mitaali about the show, her role as Kamala and her personal life.

While Mitaali doesnt look any less than a girl in her 20s, she will be seen playing mother to four kids. Ask the actor what prompted her to take up this role, and she said, “Thats how the industry works. Once you are a mother in real life, you are offered the same roles. And its not just on TV but also somewhat in Bollywood. Even I was apprehensive but then I thought its a character not an insect that I am playing. As an actor, you need to accept such challenges.”

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She added, “Out of all the roles that I was being offered, this was a very different kind as I have to play a docile woman, who has no say in anything, no point of view, something thats so different from the real me. I knew it would be difficult but thats the fun. Also I got a call from Rashmi Sharma, who is known to helm path breaking projects, and I was floored by the concept of the show.”

Mitaali became a star with her debut show Afsar Bitiya that portrayed the story of a village belle going on to become an officer. Post that, unfortunately none of the actors work left a mark. Stating that while she was disappointed with the lack of good shows coming her way, deep down she knew it would happen. “I have done so many shows but people still know me as Krishna. I very well knew that it would be really difficult to have something to match it. May be a season two of Afsar Bitiya would have worked for me (smiles). But trust me there was nothing so interesting happening and even when I took shows, it all went unnoticed. I am just hoping that I manage to create a new identity with Roop.”

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As the conversation steered towards motherhood, the actor talked about her son, and how she wants him to grow up as a great human being. She stated, “I think todays babies are born smart. They start dancing, talking and understand things really fast. My son Rudranssh is just 16-months and he enjoys playing with mobile phones. Its beautiful to see him grow and I take it as a responsibility that I bring him up in a way that he is a better human than me. I hope he can always make his family and country of proud of him.”

Talking about how she balances spending time with her tiny tot and work, Mitaali shared, “He is young so I have the liberty of taking him to work with me. And my husband is really understanding, and we balance our times with him.”

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On one hand, Mitaali is blessed by an understanding husband, on the other, her reel husband comes across as a dominant man. Talking about men suppressing women even in todays world, the actor shared, “TV characters are mostly MCPs (male chauvinist pigs), which my husband is luckily not. He is supportive of my work and always pushes me to do better. But it would be wrong to only blame men as many women have been conditioned to accept this disparity. They have made peace with their lives and find no objection in their husbands dominating them. They feel thats how a woman should be. So we need to educate and change that mindset also.”

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