Old Guy Throws Headbutt At Another Old Guy – Turns Out To Be A Huge Mistake [VIDEO]

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1:57 PM 05/16/2018







Two men engaged in a physical altercation at a sporting event in South Africa, and it ended poorly for the man who started the whole thing, a video posted to LiveLeak shows.


The video begins with the two men standing next to what appears to be a soccer field in South Africa. After a brief, heated exchange, the man facing the camera throws a headbutt directly at his opponent.

His opponent easily brushed off the deplorable attempt of an attack and responded with a flurry of overwhelming punches of his own.

The man who threw the initial headbutt tried to keep the distance between himself and his adversary, but his effort proved inadequate.

His opponent connected on double digit blows that left the headbutter bloodied and – likely – embarrassed.

The fight ended with more pushing and shoving and, of course, “REKT” comes across the screen to remind us all just how pathetic the headbutters effort was.

Unfortunately, this is yet another LiveLeak video that does not provide any context, but I am willing to bet that whatever these two fellas were fighting over was hilarious.

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